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Polyurethane sole casting machine material can prevent static electricity

  Polyurethane sole material antistatic casting machine, the weight was 40 ~ 50 polyester, two 4,4-diisocyanate from 30 to 40, 3 to 10 portions of the chain extender, graphite nanosheets from 1 to 5, the catalyst 0.5 ~ 1, 0.1 ~ 1 phr foaming agent, foam stabilizer 0.1 ~ 2, 1 ~ 3 coupling agent. Method for producing antistatic polyurethane sole material. The polyurethane sole material provided by the polyurethane sole casting machine has good antistatic performance and can be used for anti-static shoes.

  A method for manufacturing the sole manufacturing method of antistatic polyurethane material, sole and double density polyurethane sole manufacturing safety shoes, raw materials and raw materials by A B mixed casted antistatic polyurethane material; products of raw materials including A polyol, catalyst, foaming agent, antistatic agent, carbon fiber powder, and chain extender the whole agent; the raw material for B isocyanate. The manufacturing method is as follows: the polyol and isocyanate curing drying; the raw material with the baking raw material in A after the polyol mixed evenly to form A material; A material and B material mixed isocyanate casting to prepare antistatic polyurethane sole. When selecting the different amount of foaming agent in the polyurethane sole casting machine for two times after the introduction of double density polyurethane safety shoe soles. The material of this product has high anti-static performance and the hardness of the sole is suitable. In the manufacturing method, the shoe sole has good demoulding and high production efficiency.


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