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Simple troubleshooting method for polyurethane sole casting machine

  When certain parts of polyurethane sole casting machine fault occurred, the monitoring points will send information, where is will immediately appear flashing mark place pointed out that the fault display, the program will automatically according to the failure to take place the protection, such as stop, stop and stop injection machine parts, the alarm will sound an alarm to the operator. According to the local fault maintenance.

  If the polyurethane sole casting machine failure has been excluded, the button will be pressed, the previously displayed failure text will disappear and no excluded faults will continue to show. Until some of the faults are eliminated.

  Remember: when the sole of polyurethane casting machine of a fault alarm signal when the fault must not be easily removed, button hold, first to ascertain the fault reason, and according to the information, analysis of the causes of the finally able to solve using polyurethane sole casting machine problem.


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