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What are the key parts of the polyurethane shoe sole casting machine

  The key parts of the polyurethane shoe sole casting machine include the following places:

  1, the pot, a good material can ensure that the quality of raw materials after treatment is still not changed.

  2, the pipeline, the pipeline is mainly played the role of insulation.

  3, metering system, precise control of raw materials import and export, so that the ratio of accurate.

  4, mixed joint, easy disassembly, easy to wash and clean the machine.

  5, feed, raw material origin.

  6, auxiliary metering and injection system, with the measurement system for raw material ratio, but also can share some of the pressure measurement system.

  7, cleaning system, mainly including the two parts of the cleaning tank and cleaning liquid.

  8, electronic display, easy to real-time display of raw materials processing, timely detection of problems.

  9, software system, excellent program can save a lot of time for our work, improve efficiency.

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