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How to do the polyurethane sole casting machine

  Multi component polyurethane sole casting machine comprises a machine body, the body is provided with a plurality of reactor, the reactor output end respectively by an electric pump is connected to the output conveyor, conveying mechanism connected to the output end of the switching mechanism, output switching mechanism comprises a mounting platform, rotating hollow shaft installed on the platform is provided with a plurality of quantity and reaction the kettle is matched with the rotating reactor one end of the hollow shaft opening and the corresponding connectivity.

  The actual work, the number of reactors need is two, then the electric pump is controlled by a controller corresponding to the motor and the original, in a reaction kettle - electric pump - rotating hollow shaft - - reflux hole reactor to switch into reactor materials, electric pump - rotating hollow shaft - discharge cavity pouring head, make the material, while the two reactor materials summary to the discharge cavity mixing, can be in strict accordance with the production requirements of the ratio for implementation.


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