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Automation of polyurethane shoe sole casting machine

  Rack automatic polyurethane sole casting machine are installed on the bottom of the supporting foot, the frame is arranged on the upper end of a casting mould, casting mould are installed on the bottom of the cooler, the controller is installed on the frame of the internal storage bin is arranged in the top frame, the storage bin is arranged at the lower end of the transverse slide rail mechanism, horizontal slide mechanism installed on the slider a vertical sliding rail mechanism, slider longitudinal slide rail mechanism is installed on the mounting plate, a lifting device is arranged on the installation plate, a lifting rod lifting device is arranged on the pouring head and the baffle, pouring head through the conveying pipe is connected with the storage bin, a sensor installed inside the casting pouring head, the baffle is arranged at the lower end of the distance detection sensor; automatic control system, this product is easy to use, simple operation, high working efficiency, save time.

  The use and maintenance of polyurethane sole casting machine

  1, foaming machine often used to ensure that no mechanical failure can; 2, intermittent use of foaming machine in the stopping period of every 1-2 days to do high and low pressure cycling 30 minutes; foaming machine 3, long time of the material should be used to DOP replacement.

  The difference between the press and the high pressure machine in the polyurethane casting machine

  Polyurethane casting machine low pressure machine and high pressure machine are used for biped polyurethane, low pressure machine is driven by motor stirrer rotating in high speed mixing, after use, need to use MC or other solvent cleaning, high pressure machine is driven by high pressure to let the two material in the mixing chamber in high pressure atomization mixing after use without cleaning.


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